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Thailand is blessed with year-round sunshine and some of Asia’s best food. Add in the unreserved friendliness of the locals, fascinating palaces and temples, unique traditions and countless day and night markets and you have all the ingredients for an unforgettable vacation.


An effervescent city-state that is one of the most technologically advanced places in the world, Singapore is a sophisticated metropolis full of life and colour with something new to see at every twist and turn. And beyond the cosmopolitan allure is the region’s natural scenery at nearby islands, the wetland reserves, the fascinating history and more.


Remarkable experiences flourish in Vietnam as it is a land of mind-blowing natural beauty and inspirational complexities. With both charismatic megacities and hill-tribe villages, the country’s exotic flavour, compelling history and inviting people ensure the experience that you deserve.


The Indonesian archipelago is incredibly contrasting and widely fascinating. Its appeal includes traditional cultures, rich volcanic beauty, tropical beaches and imaginative arts and architecture. The nation’s many islands are a medley of diverse ethnic and religious groups whose people live in harmony with one another and make for a monumental holiday experience.

Hong Kong

Not technically a country on its own, densely populated Hong Kong was once a British colony and now China exercises its sovereignty with the unique ‘one country, two systems’ governing principle. Tourists have particularly been of benefit, by visiting two worlds in one – a fast-paced, modern world with more skyscrapers than anywhere else on the planet AND a charming old world with well-established traditions, idiosyncratic cultures and mainstream superstitions.


As a multi-ethnic, multi-religious federal constitutional monarchy, Malaysia’s allure lies in its exciting blend of colourful cultures, rich equatorial rainforests, awesome wildlife, gorgeous beaches and delicious cuisines. But let’s not forget the urban metropolis of cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur or the primitive tribal villages beside simple tea plantations that all play a part in making a tourist’s dreams become reality.