With all main destinations operating through I Asia’s own offices, or through expert representative offices, you’ll always be serviced by happy, fully-licensed, local tour guides who are best qualified to share their broad knowledge of all subjects, such as local culture, historical facts from the past, advice for the present and much more.


I Asia has direct contracts with thousands of quality hotels around East/South-east Asia, providing exceptional deals and last-minute bookings. All-inclusive arrangements or exclusive VIP treatments can be organized.


A member of IATA, I Asia’s professional team will find, and book, the best deals available for all your Domestic and International flights.


Whether from I Asia’s own fixed offices, or through carefully selected representative offices, fully-licensed and totally professional resident tour guides are more than happy to share their broad knowledge of all subjects, such as local cultures and much more.


I Asia has direct contracts for all Attractions in East/South-east Asia, with many deals throughout the year.


I Asia has staff specifically skilled in arranging a fantastic holiday for the family OR even for a small group of families travelling together.


When you’re wanting luxury tours, it means every step of the way is to be in luxury class. I Asia is able to start, and end, your trip with Fast Track V.I.P. Airport Assistance adding transportation in the best of vehicles, first class accommodation and high-end tours and activities throughout.


I Asia offers many destinations for nature lovers. Whether you’re wanting to experience a local farmer’s everyday life first-hand or visit majestic waterfalls, go trekking in the hills to hear the singing of birds and insects or witness centuries-old rice-fields, I Asia has these and many other programs to fit with your every need.


Tailor made your own exclusive itinerary. I Asia provides a comprehensive choice of Destinations, Hotels, Transportations, Tour Programs and Activities ensuring a lifetime of treasured memories.